Bienvenue Open the doors to Alexandra. You are greeted by the aroma of opulent French Diptyque candles and music of Edith Piaf, one of France’s most beloved singers “La Mome Piaf”. The Scandinavian spirit of simplicity is obvious. White and blue hued Gustavian furniture, in Baroque and Rococo periods mixed with Louis XV down-filled French bergères, upholstered in simple linens, and rich patinated Italian and Spanish tables and consoles have each found their perfect spots, when a French side table is flanked by two eighteenth-century, delicately hoofed Swedish Barrel-style side chairs. ...Boheme Chic!

You linger further and you see Louis XVI period buffet á deux corps filled with gilded wooden and zing objects, a collection of apothecary jars with red tops and magnificent pieces of red and white corals and sea urchins. Look up and you will see a palatial eighteenth-century gilded wooden chandelier hangs over a marble top table where flocks of cement birds, medicine vases in cast iron, dried butterflies and volumes with pages from a splendid still life ...the unique charm is evident!
Jardin Before you think you have seen it all, you pass the enormous patinated panelings from a French chateau to the corridor that leads into a tiny courtyard where a stone eagle - ready to swoop on its pray and moss covered stone deers, mushrooms and terra-cotta jardinieres speak of nature...

Quelle belle ambiance!